Dread Penny Society: The Dread Master

The Dread Penny Society series by Sarah M. Eden

Book 1: The Lady and the Highwayman
Book 2: The Gentleman and the Thief
Book 3: The Merchant and the Rogue

Who is the Dread Master?

I’ve officially read all three books that are currently published in the Dread Penny Society series and one question that keeps coming up is about the anonymous person who leads the secret gang of writers.

I have my own list of suspects:

  1. Nolan the Butler
  2. Queen Victoria
  3. Charles Dickens
  4. Parkington
  5. Stone
  6. Móirín Donnelly

Here’s my reasoning:

  1. It’s always the butler.
  2. This is the Victorian Era after all. I like the idea of Queen Victoria commissioning a secret society of ragtag writers clandestinely working to improve the lives of the downtrodden. I’ll admit it’s unlikely, but I do like the idea.
  3. Charles Dickens was a well-known philanthropist as well as a writer. In my imagination, I can totally see him putting together something like the DPS.
  4. Parkington is a member of the Metropolitan Police, often talks about writing his own Penny Dreadful, and is a friend of Fletcher’s. There’s a slight chance that he and Fletcher cooked up the idea of the DPS together. As an officer of the law, it might be too risky for him to be openly involved, thus the secrecy.
  5. Stone is a very shrewd person and great at leading behind the scenes. However, he is often dismissed or even looked down upon due to the color of his skin. By installing Fletcher as the figurehead, Stone would be able to steer the DPS without prejudice working against him.
  6. Much like Stone, Móirín is a natural leader and a fierce proponent of assisting those who need it, however as a woman she also runs the risk of being dismissed out of hand. Also, I have a hard time believing she has no idea that the DPS exists. With as close as she is to her brother and how shrewd she is, she surely must have figured it out. Unless, that is, the DPS was her idea in the first place and was put into practice by Fletcher.

Of these possibilities, my money is on either Stone or Móirín. I think Stone is slightly more likely just because it is clear in The Merchant and the Rogue that Brogan has no idea who the Dread Master is. That being said, I think Móirín is more than capable of keeping a secret like that from her brother.

On a sort of related note, I’m convinced that Móirín and Stone are perfect for each other. I will be very disappointed if they do not get their own book at some point down the line.

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  1. I like your reasoning for number 1.:-) Hmm, I’d guess Moirin only because the author is a woman, so maybe she has experience in real life running things from behind the scenes. (I think a lot of modern moms in busy households are that way.)

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