The Mitford Vanishing by Jessica Fellowes

Book: The Mitford Vanishing (The Mitford Murders # 5)

Author: Jessica Fellowes

Genre: Mystery; Historical Fiction

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Publication Date: January 18, 2022

Format: audiobook

Length: 10 hours, 2 minutes


Louisa and Guy Sullivan have finally begun a life of their own. In recent years, they have managed to marry, start a family, and establish their own private detective agency. Despite their best efforts, however, the couple finds there really is no getting away from the Mitford family.

When Jessica “Decca” Mitford disappears while vacationing with friends, Louisa and Guy are called in to find her. However, it soon becomes apparent that communist Decca may very well have run off to Spain of her own free will. As Louisa and Guy try to track down Decca, they become involved in multiple cases that may just intertwine.

This is a really interesting concept for a historical mystery series. Although Louisa and Guy are fictional, the Mitford family are actual historical figures. In the early 1900s, David Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale, his wife Sydney Bowles, and their seven children were well-known members of British Society. The six daughters were considered particularly scandalous. One journalist referred to them as, “Diana the Fascist, Jessica the Communist, Unity the Hitler-lover; Nancy the Novelist; Deborah the Duchess and Pamela the unobtrusive poultry connoisseur”. The Mitford Murders series blends the lives of these real people with fictionalized murder mysteries.

I listened to the audiobook, which is narrated by Rachel Atkins. She did a great job, but I kind of wish there had been a male narrator for the sections following Guy’s POV.

NOTE: This is the 5th book in The Mitford Murders series, however this can be read as a standalone. Personally, I had only read the first book before picking up this one. It was clear that time had passed and significant events had taken place in the intervening books, but I never felt lost of confused while reading this one.

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an Advanced Reader Copy audiobook.

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