White Magic by Elissa Washuta

Book: White Magic   

Author: Elissa Washuta

Genre: Memoir; Essays

Publisher: Tin House Books

Publication Date: April 27, 2021

Format: eBook

Length: 432 pages

This is an interesting book. It’s basically a series of essays in which the author tries to overcome traumatic romantic relationships. Some of these traumas are more dramatic than others, but they have all shaped who she currently is and how she approaches love and relationships. Her methods to try to emotionally heal herself are various and sundry. They range from astrology to binding spells to tarot to listening to Stevie Nix to living in a bridge for a few months to playing video games.

I liked that Elissa Washuta was willing to share experiences and messy process of healing, including several setbacks. I also appreciated her thoughts about practicing “white people magic” as a person of native American descent and struggling with the implications of that.

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