Love On the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

Book: Love on the Brain

Author: Ali Hazelwood

Genre: Romance; Contemporary; STEM

Romance Steam Rating: 3 out of 5 (Full Boil)

Publisher: Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group

Publication Date: August 23, 2022

Format: Audiobook

Audiobook Narrator: Brooke Bloomingdale

Length: 11 hours, 7 minutes

Bee Königswasser just landed her dream job: lead neuroscientist on a project for NASA. The catch? Her co-lead is Levi Ward, a man who hasn’t made any attempt to hide his dislike for her since they first met in grad school.

It doesn’t help matters that Bee inconveniently faints into Levi’s arms less than an hour after arriving at NASA.

It isn’t long before Bee is dealing with zero equipment, condescending coworkers, misplaced files, and access cards that don’t actually access anything. The surprising part? Levi is with her every step of the way, offering support. Maybe, just maybe, these former nemeses can form an alliance.

I’m not gonna lie, Ali Hazelwood definitely has a go-to story structure. If you read her STEMinist novellas and The Love Hypothesis, you will absolutely see patterns and similar characters. That being said, I still liked this book. Levi and Bee are adorable together. So are the cats. It was also interesting to see scientists from different fields of study (neuroscience and engineering) working together to create technology that incorporates both disciplines. I appreciated how the story touched on graduate school entrance exams and their current limitations. I also liked the glimpse into Academic Twitter and the way Bee used to it to create an informal network of women in STEM.

I loved Bee’s complete and unapologetic obsession with Marie Curie. It was fascinating to learn more about her through Bee’s fangirling.  

Thank you to Penguin Random House for the complimentary audiobook.


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