The Bachelor and the Bride by Sarah Eden

Book: The Bachelor and the Bride (Dread Penny Society # 4)

Author: Sarah M. Eden

Genre: Historical Fiction; Books About Books; Adventure; Secret Society; Proper Romance; Victorian Era

Romance Steam Rating: 2 out of 5 (Hot Cocoa)

Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing

Publication Date: September 6, 2022

Format: ebook

Length: 368 pages

London 1866

Dr. Barnabus Milligan has many secrets, a few of which are hidden from even his fellow members of the Dread Penny Society. At least until a woman knocks on the door of the famously-bachelor doctor. A woman who claims to be his wife.

Gemma Milligan ran away from her marriage of convenience three years ago. Although she married Baz only to escape her criminal relations, Gemma quickly fell in love with the charming doctor. However, Doc Milligan did not return her sentiments. To protect herself from the daily heartache of unrequited love, Gemma slipped into the shadows of London and eked out her own small living.

When Barnabus realizes that the current troubles of the DPS may be related to Gemma’s past, he asks her to return home. Hopeful for a second chance at a real marriage, Gemma eagerly accepts his invitation. Unfortunately, she soon catches the attention of her notorious family. In order to protect the man she loves, Gemma may just need to disappear again—permanently.

Wow! I thought the last book got crazy, but this one cranked up the stakes even higher! The story delves into the Victorian era practice of “resurrecting” dead bodies by stealing them from cemeteries and selling them to medical schools so students could practice on cadavers. Also, BIG secrets are revealed in this book. Brace yourself!

On a lighter note, Gemma is an absolute gem, and it was fun to see a new side of Doc Milligan, or Baz as Gemma calls him.

Just like the earlier books in the series, this novel contains two Penny Dreadfuls that are woven into the main storyline. This time around they are The Bachelor and the Bride by Mr. King and Bodies of Light by Dr. Barnabus Milligan, physician.

This is the fourth installment of the Dread Penny Society series. Although each story centers on a different member of the DPS, the books work together to tell an overarching story and should be read in order. The first book is The Lady and the Highwayman. It looks like the next book will most likely follow Brogan’s sister, Móirín Donnelly. It’s pretty clear who her love interest will be, but I don’t want to spoil it here.

Thank you to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for an Advanced Reader Copy ebook. ⁠


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