Coven by Jennifer Dugan and Kit Seaton

Book: Coven

Author: Jennifer Dugan

Illustrator: Kit Seaton

Genre: YA; Graphic Novel; Fantasy; Modern Witchcraft; LGBTQ+

Publisher: Penguin Teen

Publication Date: September 6, 2021

Format: Graphic Novel

Length: 288 pages

Emsy Covington has always known she’s a witch, but she’s only ever used her power for small things like lighting candles. After all, her parents left their coven in New York and moved to the West coast so Emsy could have a normal life.

After tragedy strikes, Emsy and her parents are called back into the fold. Wrenched away from everything she knows and loves including the ocean, her friends, and her girlfriend, Emsy is reluctantly plunged into the heart of a world she barely understands. Navigating her old relationships, a new school, her growing powers, and an entire coven isn’t easy. Especially since one of her new coven mates seems to hate her at first sight.

Overall, I liked this story. If you’re looking for a witchy read with spooky fall vibes, this will definitely scratch that itch. It’s also a fast-paced YA read about coming to know yourself even when it means growing apart from people and places you love. Additionally, you will find multiple queer characters, a romantic side plot, a possible death witch, and one very adorable cat.

There is a lot in this story that isn’t shown or explained, especially regarding the adult coven members and their pasts. I’m not sure if this was done because the book mostly centers on Emsy or if perhaps the creators were leaving room for a potential sequel. Either way, I have questions.

I loved the artwork in this book. The style is fairly realistic, but with a touch of whimsy here and there. I especially liked Katia with her swarm of death butterflies.

Thank you to BookishFirst, Penguin Teen, and G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers for an Advanced Reader Copy.


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