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I primarily review books which I have read and related to another book. If you are an author or publisher who would like to send me an ARC, I would be happy to read it. However, I reserve the right to review the book only if I feel that I can satisfactorily link it to another publication. If you have a suggestion for a book with an unlikely connection to your own, I would love to hear about it, but again I reserve the right to make the final decision as to which books I write about as well as the connections I relate.

Hypothetically, I am open to all genres. However, I will admit that I do not typically read horror and I only rarely delve into science fiction (although I do love steampunk). My favorite books tend to be contemporary fiction, memoirs, graphic novels, fantasy, or nonfiction books (especially those about food or science). I also enjoy YA and children’s books.

I generally try to avoid writing spoilers, but the main focus of my blog is to point out similar veins in different books, so if it is necessary to include spoilers to make those connections, I will. That being said, I typically include a spoiler alert.

I typically do not rate books. I generally try to let people make their own decisions about quality–I am mainly concerned with the general themes and content of the book in relation to another book. That being said, I may occasionally include my opinion if I have particularly strong feelings regarding a certain book.

Many of my posts include an image or graphic that I create in relation to the books I am writing about. These are original pieces of artwork and I retain all rights to them. Please note these are different from cover art, which I also use but do not own.

If you would like to contact me to submit a book for review, please fill out the form on the “Contact” page or email me at

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